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A boutique, family-owned vineyard, Portsea Estate is located on the century old Tintagel property overlooking Bass Strait at the very tip of the peninsula.


Its unique ‘terroir’ derives from extensive limestone deposits and a top soil of calcareous sand and humus collected over thousands of years. The free draining, limestone rich soils provide ideal, and unique conditions for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to thrive and have produced complex, layered wines of distinct character and minerality.


This winery experience is available solely for Envirofleet guests and not open to the public. Begin by exploring the estate and its amazing scenery. Principal winemaker and expert in Cold Climate techniques, Tim Elphic will then take you on a private tasting journey and offer an insight into the estate’s specialisations and outcomes. Tastings take place amongst the vines or in the barrel room. Truly an experience not to be missed; reserved for groups of 4 to 12.

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